Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sugar High Sunday: Gingerbread House Tour

Have you ever gone on one of those luxury house tours? The ones where you visit 4 or 5 fancy houses on one street, to gawk at their decorating and dream of your own one-day-mansion. This Gingerbread House Tour will take you on a smaller version, visiting tiny, perfectly decorated candy mansions. While these perfect little sweet shacks are the peak of perfection, you can get lots of ideas from them to apply to your own gingerbread house.

If you make a house, send me a link! I would love to see your creations.

Gingerbread House Tour
  1. I like the Necco wafers as roofing material in this sweet number from Includes a video and free printable templates. 
  2. I love this one, also from There are many detail ideas to use. The frosted cereal used as roofing material, for example, is pretty great. Isn’t the jelly bean coach light just the coolest idea? 
  3. Amelie’s House brings us a trio of the cutest little white gingerbread houses, with adorable owl gingerbread cookies and hand-painted embellishments. 
  4. At the Zinke family’s blog, you will find a sweet little steepled church. I love the M&Ms as siding and the Andes mint stairs! 
  5. From Martha Stewart, cute little gingerbread cottages
  6. At Torie Jayne, find this wintery white birdhouse, with faux bois detail, a sugary owl and lots of candy mushrooms.

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