About Me & Him

About Me & Him

Robin & Lulu

I'm Lulu, and I love to bake. I grew up in the kitchen, acting as kitchen assistant to my Mom. My earliest memories are of standing on a chair, stirring fudge in the special fudge pot. I love trying new recipes, so I will always share my new finds with you.

Because I am always making and eating dessert, I like to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy meals and exercising daily. I am a runner (yes, for fun!) and I practice yoga.

I'm an Art Director by trade. I also write a dessert column for Stimuli magazine. I live near Vancouver, BC with my husband Robin and my two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Cocoa & Maverick. My favourite dessert is Red Velvet Cake.

If you have any questions about a recipe, or a suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

My husband, Robin, is the Photographer, Chief Dessert Taster and Bottle Washer here at Let Them Eat Cake. His favourite desserts are The Famous Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Check out Robin's amazing photography on his Flickr page, and on his blog La Vita Felice.

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