Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sugar High Sunday: Get Ready for your Christmas Cookie Swap!

Have you ever participated in a cookie swap?
Some of you (you know who you are, you naughty minx) may be thinking this is a euphemism for something immoral and vaguely illegal. I assure you, cookie swaps or exchanges are completely dessert-related! (Sorry, minx

The premise is simple and brilliant — you and let's say, five of your friends each make six dozen of one recipe. You keep one dozen of your own for yourself, give away five dozen to the other swappers, and in return you receive five dozen other treats! That you didn't have to make! See? Brilliant! It's so much easier to make six dozen of one recipe, than six separate recipes. Often, you only have to double a recipe to get the proper amount. The best part is that it doesn't have to be cookies, it can be anything by the dozen — brownies, lemon bars — anything you like. 

Here are some ideas from some other food bloggers to get you started. I promise — Cookie Swaps are fun and rewarding!

Martha Stewart's roundup of Holiday Cookies

These Chocolate truffles pack a tiny hint of heat, that is. From Art of Dessert: El Diablo Chocolate Truffles

Our Best Bites gives us the perfect Sugar Cookie

From the Idea Room: Chocolate PepperMint Cookies and a fudge recipe

Delicious Mint Chocolate Chip Bark from Bakers Royale looks beautiful, too.

It's not Christmas without nuts! {That's what SHE said} Ahem. Anyhoo… here's some Nut Caramel Bars with Dried Cherries from honey & jam

So, yeah. It's been a very long week.


Anonymous said...

A cookie swap! I've never been -- by any chance, do you know of any cookie swaps in the Vancouver area? I've been dying to go to one! I would organize my own, but I live in a shoebox. :P

lulu said...

@Christine - I've always done the cookie exchange with folks at work; but getting together at someone's house to exchange, and maybe drink lots of wine... hmmm.... I think you're on to something brilliant! I don't know of any going on in Vancouver, wish I did!

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